GutPower was born out of Julie Graber’s struggle to help herself and her son live healthy and well.  Julie is in love with food and the connection between mind, body and soul healing.

Julie Graber

Wellness Coach Julie Graber is one of The GutGirlsI am a gut recovery and empowerment coach with a passion for transforming the lives of individuals and families, who have struggled with autism, celiac disease, and other syndromes which can be improved with effective nutritional, wellness and mindset strategies. My passion is to relieve unnecessary suffering for my clients. I love to see them living fully, joyfully, and in vibrant health.

I am a recovering diet addict, and an expert on several dietary systems and programs; including but not limited to, Body Ecology Diet (Certified Body Ecology Coach), Weston A Price Principles, Maker’s diet, Gluten-free and the HCG diet. I know from firsthand experience that the foods we choose really do matter, and there is no “one size fits all” diet program. As you can see, I have one of the best jobs in the world! I can help people overcome challenges and see real results, which last.

Working within GutPower, I transform lives for my clients, and love every minute of it.

Julie presents with power, conviction and compassion. Her information is transforming and her passion and integrity come shining through. Thanks for a wonderful experience.



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